Continuing education

Neither idealizing nor pathologizing – an invitation to a Dynamic Gestalt Diagnostic Model and Navigation Flowchart in the Field

Contact: Judith Beermann-Zeligson, Gestalttherapist, Somatic Experiencing®-practitioner
Co-conduct David Beermann, Gestalttherapist, Somatic Experiencing®-practitioner

Date: Friday, 06. November 2020, 16:00 – Sunday 08 November 2020, 13:00.
Place: Vienna
Target Group: Psychotherapists, Psy-Diplom-ÄrztInnen, NO trainees
Arbeitsweise: Experiential with dyads, triads, small groups, demonstrations and theory input.
Each participant will receive the visually easy-to-grasp flowchart and a compendium to support practicing.

The impact from meeting with people from many walks of life and ages – and the frustration over static diagnostic models not compatible with a Gestalt perspective – fueled me to develop a Dynamic Gestalt Diagnostic Model and Navigation Flowchart, which supports dialogue and mutual influence, called “Orienting to Aspects of the Field”.
This seminar presents a framework to understand and work with the entire range of clients on multiple dimensions – offering a very organic, descriptive, non-pathologizing approach to diagnosis. It is extremely accessible, practical as well as specific in how to intervene. This model is based on:

The preciousness of the present moment.
The insights that neuroscience provides to work with the constant organizing and reorganizing of the field in chaotic, polarized, flexible or integrating ways.
Applying a view of Self-Other-Context with a willingness to modify your usual way of working and even include asymmetric responsibility, especially in a polarized or chaotic field.

What do you do when clients have limited or no capacity to explore with awareness or change figure/ground? A frequent and growing challenge in and outside the Gestalt field.

Through a dialogue based in authentic interaction, an intervention may be designed to match what manifests here and now in the field. Tailored interactions and interventions that respond to the relevant need in the field, be it short- or long-term processes, in as varying contexts as
Therapy and coaching
Training, teaching and supervision
Consultant tasks or projects in groups or organizations.
Moreover, the flowchart offers ways in which the emerging information from somatic therapies, attachment theory, and neuroscience can be fully integrated into Gestalt Therapy.

Judith Beermann-Zeligson, 68 years old, Gestalt therapist, Somatic Experiencing®-practitioner, Mindfulness instructor MBSR, Family therapist, B.A. Social Science.
My 45 years of conducting therapy, supervision, leadership trainings and teaching include 20 years at the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia. Moreover, addressing collective wounds by supervising at Red Cross Rehabilitation Centre for traumatized refugees and conducting Peace Workshops. Initiating “Children with scars without wounds “- a project for offspring of Holocaust survivors and Freedom Fighters from WW II. Deeply influenced by long-term spiritual practice within the Diamond Approach and Buddhist teaching embodied as Jewish roots and Buddhist wings! Understands German.

David Beermann, 67 years old. Gestalt therapist, Imago-and relational therapist, Somatic Experiencing®-practitioner, SOMA Education by Sonia Gomez – bodyimprints from early time of life. Mindfulness instructor, MBCT Teacher.
Since 30 years private practice: individual-, couple- and group therapy and existential coaching.
15 years at Tetra Pak Occupational Health and Safety AB engaged on all levels in the organization with existential leader training, personal development and crisis therapy. Initiated and conducted a great number of awareness-raising groups for men. Part of “Children with scars without wounds”.
15 years in Diamond Approach. Speaks German fluently.

Fee: € 240.- for members of the ÖVG/ € 340.- for Non-members of the ÖVG

Maximum participants: 16

16 working units, each unit with 45 minutes

Registration form: Registration form.pdf