Leitung: Donna M. Orange, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Termin: Fr 24. September 16:00 bis So 26. September 2021 13:00 Uhr
Ort: in Wien, wird noch bekanntgegeben
Zielgruppe: PsychotherapeutInnen
Seminarsprache: Englisch, bei Bedarf deutsche Übersetzung

This workshop/seminar will study supervision processes in gestalt therapy, as they may find enrichment from psychoanalytic and developmental sources. Each of the eight modules will begin with a didactic session (theory, history, crises, expanding awareness wider and deeper, trauma, parallel process, and dissociation). Each module will also contain experiential work, either in small groups or with the whole group, and shared reflection on this work. Each participant’s personal history of supervision will come into play, respecting privacy. Differences between individual and peer supervision (intervision) will also come into consideration, as well as differences between single/short consultations and ongoing supervision.

Seminarkosten: € 340.-
TeilnehmerInnenanzahl: max. 25; Seminarsprache: ENGLISCH – bei Bedarf Übersetzung
Anrechenbarkeit für psychotherapeutische Fortbildung: 16 Arbeitseinheiten zu je 45‘
Anmeldung möglich bis 15. August 2021 - Die Seminaranmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge der Einzahlungen gereiht.

Anmeldeformular: Anmeldeformular.doc

Educated in philosophy, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis, Donna Orange, PhD, PsyD teaches at NYU Postdoc (New York); IPSS (Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, New York); and in private study groups. She also offers clinical consultation/supervision in these institutes and beyond. Recent books are Thinking for Clinicians: Philosophical Resources for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and the Humanistic Psychotherapies (2010), and The Suffering Stranger: Hermeneutics for Everyday Clinical Practice (2011), Nourishing the Inner Life of Clinicians and Humanitarians: The Ethical Turn in Psychoanalysis, and Climate Crisis, Psychoanalysis, and Radical Ethics (2016), and most recently, Psychoanalysis, History, and Radical Ethics: Learning to Hear (2020).